we are community builders

our services aim for the creation of communities, made of people that embrace the principles of togetherness

Our Work

we construct social tools

we offer people the way to get together, form lifelong friendships and meaningful relationships that last for a lifetime

we connect
we entertain
we bond

we love what we do.

ever since our dawn back in 2003


simple idea

one day we thought of a simple idea, that turned out to be one of the best idea we have ever had - we managed to create a huge network that people could connect through


real world connections

our team has been working hard since our launch to create and maintain community hubs that lasted for more than 15 years in business


constant evolution

we listen to our users, we learn from what they have to say about our services and we keep evolving, keeping up with the times, and inspire thousands to stay connected.

in community we trust

we are here to curate relationships between real people that are looking for more connections in their lives. friendships that last forever and relationships as strong as steel.

we strongly believe that love is more than skin deep¬†and we can’t wait to make the world more colorful every single day.